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Core Features

Collect payments - receive payments in minutes
Start Receiving Payments in Minutes

Collect local and international payments via website, email and secure links.

Pay Vendors in Seconds for Free

Make local and global payments from your account in seconds.

Save more with borderless payments.
Keep More of Your Money

Save up to 67% in payment processing fees vs. credit cards.

Tracking Payment Feature with borderless
Track Payments Like a Package

The peace of mind you deserve with real-time tracking.

Better foreign exchange rates with borderless solution
Get More with Better Exchange Rates

Get up to 2% more on every exchange vs most major US banks and PayPal.

Reduce admin work with borderless payments
Reduce Reconciliation & Admin Work

Save time with transparent payments. Know who paid what and when.

It takes just two minutes to set up an account!

No Setup Fees – No Monthly Fees – No Hidden Fees

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Frequently Asked

Can I keep my current processor?

Of course! With borderless™, there are no contracts, no conditions, no setup fees. We encourage you to offer borderless™ as a supplemental and alternative payment method to credit cards. By adding borderless™ you may increase your conversion rates by up to 30%! 

Do you process credit cards?

No. On average, it takes 5+ intermediaries to process a single card transaction. We like to keep it simple by eliminating middlemen and their fees. We use our local and international direct debit infrastructure to process payments more efficiently. 

How do you save me money?

borderless™ can save a lot of money! There are no sign up fees, no setup fees, and no monthly fees. For businesses, our rates start at 1%; plus we cap our fees! See Pricing Finally, we also provide you with a more competitive exchange rate than most banks or PayPal, getting you more for your buck.

Why should my customers choose you?

Firstly, its the trend! By 2021, bank transfers will be the 2nd most popular payment method for e-commerce transactions. Credit card usage online declined -16%. Second, incentivize them! Many of our clients share the processing savings offering a few bucks off their total if they choose us. Share the love! 

When and How do I receive funds

We debit the funds directly from the payor’s bank account and deliver them directly to the recipient’s bank account, anywhere around the world we provide our services. With borderless™ there are no wallets, no holding accounts, and no hidden fees. 

How fast do I get paid?

With borderless™ there are no holding accounts, and no wallets, so funds are usually deposited directly to your bank account within 2-3 business days of your client making a payment.

But how does the money move?

borderless™ never moves money across borders. Instead, we transfer money within countries, avoiding the lengthy and expensive process to send money across borders. We avoid middlemen and their fees, saving you time and money.

do i have to worry about FX fees?

No. borderless™ gives you a better foreign exchange rate than most banks and PayPal, getting you more for your buck. We also avoid your bank charging you incoming wire fees or FX commissions.